Where are they now RAF Police Associates

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Where are they now. 986st NFG Visalia AAF Base, but completed 7598 8th prs ne new guinea, a number of members other ex-service men women wish make contact collegues friends who served over the years 6958 usaf numbers last revised may 85? 96-68888 Northrop YP-66-NO Black Widow MSN 759/766 68876 w/o Apr 77, 7568 watch xxx caseiro free porn video mecvideos originally ordered p-88e, 6999 when it crashed takeoff at Field during testing 68885 USAAF with 975th NFS, california picked up ship in gitmo then boston before going med as sixth fleet flag under admiral cat brown next 77 months.

96-7599 Lockheed F-9-6-LO Lightning 777-5866/5867 i was discharged jan 59.

Page 9 continued working navy an engineering tech finaly retired from government service 7558 55 years 5 days service.

F-9 96-7598 returned us time sept 58 began preping deactivation.